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We offer many other services related to tree care. If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions about them please call us at 908-941-0063.

Free Logs and Wood Chips

Whenever a tree is cut down, smaller branches are chipped into wood chips and the bulk of the tree is cut into 13 foot lengths.

There are three ways to receive logs and wood chips:

  • If you are in an area we are working in, we’ll be happy to drop the logs and/or wood chips off at your home.

  • Logs and/or wood chips can be delivered even if we are not in your area for a predetermined delivery charge.

  • Logs and/or wood chips can be picked up in our yard by appointment.

About this offer

  • Wood chips are left one truck load at a time; approximately 15-20 cubic yards.

  • Logs will be cut at approximately 13 foot lengths.

  • Chips are clean. We avoid delivering chips that are all pine trees, mixed with poison ivy, or undesirable brush.

  • Logs are all types but we avoid bringing pine, spruce or other non-desirable wood.

Wholesale and Retail Firewood is Available.

Deer Control

Damage to trees and shrubs because of deer can be caused year round in a variety of ways. In the fall, male deer rub their antlers on trees to smooth them out. This can seriously damage or remove tree bark.

Deer also have insatiable appetites and will eat just about any plant if they’re hungry enough. We can help prevent deer damage through a variety of methods which will depend upon the type of trees and plants making up your landscape.

Tree Cabling

Most people have never heard of tree cabling. In short, it’s the process of using steel cable to strengthen a tree to help prevent a large branch or a split trunk from breaking and causing property damage or personal injury.

Among the reasons to cable a tree instead of removing it:

  • Cost: The cost to cable a tree is far less than to remove it.

  • Aesthetics: Trees add beauty and value to any property. We always strive to save a tree instead of cutting it down. The older and larger a tree, the more desirable it is to save it.

The professionals at Rich Tree Service are experienced in the process of tree cabling. When we’re done, it will be nearly impossible for a casual observer to see the work that was done.

Your tree will be saved and you can rest easy knowing that your property and family are safer.

Construction Damage Repair

If you’re planning any major construction around your home such as an addition or a pool, we’d like to bring some little known tree facts to your attention.

Heavy machinery can cause root damage to your trees even if the construction activity is not in the immediate vicinity of the tree. This can occur due to one or both of the following situations:

  • Root Compaction: Roots can become compacted by the weight of the construction equipment. Over the course of time, the tree might suffocate and die because of this. Rich Tree Service can prevent permanent damage to the tree with the use of special aerating equipment which loosens the soil, adding oxygen.

  • Root Disturbance: Many trees can have root systems that can extend many feet out from the tree and be very close to the surface. Any digging in the area will disturb the roots and can cause a tree to go into shock and die. The professionals at Rich Tree Service will examine the damage and use the proper treatment to help the tree recover.

If you’ve recently had construction on your property and are concerned about your trees, give us a call at 908-941-0063 for a free tree inspection.

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