Plant Health Care

Trees are an integral part of any landscape but they don’t live alone. With roots extending 50 feet or more , they compete with shrubs and grass for the same nutrients and water.

Anything that affects one is bound to affect the others. For this reason, Rich Tree Service offers individualized Plant Health Care (PHC) programs, custom-tailored to your home’s landscape to ensure that it will remain healthy, beautiful, and most importantly in the case of the trees, safe.

What’s included in the Rich Tree Service PHC program?

Because every home’s landscape is unique we start with a complete inspection. We’ll check the trees, shrubs and lawn, making note of any potential problems. Among the problems we’ll be looking for are:

  • Insect infestation

  • Signs of disease

  • Poor pruning practices

  • Weak branches

We’ll develop a schedule for future visits during which we’ll monitor the health of your landscape and use eco-friendly, cost-effective preventive treatments to maintain a healthy, flourishing environment. With periodic monitoring, any potential problems can be avoided and any damage minimized.

Why The Rich Tree Service PHC Program is the Right Choice

It Can Take
20 Years
For a Tree to Mature

The Rich Tree Service PHC program is less expensive than you might think and definitely less than the cost of replacing valuable landscape plants.

Rich Tree Service mature tree

You Cannot Buy a Mature Tree

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have any Ash trees? They are dying in large numbers in New Jersey

  • Are your trees and / or shrubs yellowing or not deep green?

  • Did your trees or shrubs suffer any winter damage?

Have you checked out the cost of replacing your trees or shrubs? It’s much higher than keeping your current landscape healthy.

Call today for a FREE landscape inspection.

What does the Rich Tree Service PHC program cover?

Depending upon the make-up of your landscape, we’ll create a PHC maintenance schedule during which all inspections and preventative maintenance will be performed. We’ll give you a written report detailing any treatments that we’ve applied to your trees, as well as recommendations for your lawn and shrubs.

Among the potentially damaging problems we’ll be inspecting for are:

  • Japanese Beetles

  • Ticks and fleas

  • Gypsy Moths

  • Mites

  • Leafminer

  • Bores

  • Sawfly

  • Lace Bugs

  • Scale

  • Girdling Roots

Preventative procedures include:

  • Resistograph testing

  • Winter protection

  • Deep root fertilization

  • Disease control

  • Air spading

  • Root pruning

How The Rich Tree Service PHC Program is Superior

All of our inspections are performed by a fully licensed New Jersey Certified Tree Expert. While other tree services may offer plant health care programs, very few are administered by certified tree experts.

What Does the Rich Tree Service PHC Program Cost?

Trees and shrubs are a big investment that add value to your property. The Rich Tree Service PHC Program is designed to protect that investment and avoid the tremendous cost of replacing trees and shrubs.

Because every home’s landscape is different, we’ll perform a FREE inspection and provide you with a written estimate for the program. There won’t be any surprises.

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